Woodstock Hanging Chau Gong - Medium

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Indoors or out in the garden, this bold design will complement any decor.


Chinese instrument makers have made gongs for thousands of years and are deserving of their reputation of making the best in the world. Many processes go into creating the special sound of a Chinese Gong, including fine toning as a result of hand-hammering.

In Buddhism, the gong is sounded at the start and end of each day. In Chinese temples, gongs are struck 108 times because it's believed that sentient beings have 108 types of worries. The teaching is this - upon hearing the gong, worries will cease, wisdom will grow.

  • Black finish ash wood
  • Hand-hammered bronze andblack bull's-eye gong
  • Mallet
  • Overall Length: 30 inches • Width: 20 inches • Diameter: 13 inches

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