First Day Of Forever Wall Art

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Perfect for any new or long-lasting couple, the eye-catching Wedding Wall Décor from The Sharon Nowlan Collection is certain to delight and enchant in any home. This lovely horizontal wall art piece features a playful husband and wife design on their wedding day. This artwork was originally inspired by and crafted from pebbles and sea glass and accompanied by intricate linework for a breathtaking appearance. The simplicity and neutrality of this piece make it perfect for coordinating with all different types of home décor, while the lovely accents give it a unique appearance. This piece can be easily hung on the wall or rest on an easel for versatility in how you display it. Perfectly packaged and ready to gift, this eye-catching work of art will make for a truly wonderful present for any new or existing couple in celebration of their upcoming wedding or anniversary this season.

Size: 8.0"H x14.5"W x1.0"D