Water Agitator Bird Bath Stand

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Our new water agitator stand adds a functional revitalizing freshness to our best selling bird baths. The introduction of movement to the water helps to eliminate stagnant water which can breed bacteria and mold, while also discouraging mosquitoes from laying eggs. Our construction features a water dripper that utilizes tubing to recycle the water from the bath back up the tube to create a gentle ripple into the bath. This water agitator uses a solar charged battery power with a timer function, eliminating the need for electricity or cords. DETAILS Crafted of durable metal with solar components. Outdoor safe and weather-resistant. Holds 18" bird bath. Hose is carefully integrated into shepherd's hook. Rechargeable solar battery included. Solar panel requires 6-8 hours in direct sunlight for best results. No cords, electricity, or hose needed! Measures 19"W x 19"H x 39.5"D.